Artwork Checklist

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Submit your Artwork

We also compiled a checklist of everything you need to do before submitting your artwork.

PDF single pages, combined into one pdf file.

Others: .ai / .psd /.eps / .jpeg / .tif
InDesign - Packaged appropriately
QuarkXpress - Packaged appropriately
Excel files for mailing services or variable data only.

0.125” bleed on all sides
.25” margins (safe zone)

Specify Pantone number(s)
No RGB images/colors
Black is 100% (Not Registration)
Delete unused colors

All fonts used in the layout or in a graphics are embedded or outlined.
OR packaged appropriately.

Only high-resolution images (minimum 300 dpi)
CMYK or Greyscale NOT RGB
(do not provide images taken off the web. Our graphic designers can
help with replacing them with stock photos/art)

Embedded or are included in packaged/zipped files

Flattened prior to exporting to PDF.

Please review the pdf you will be sending/uploading, checking all the criteria once more. If all of it is correct, you have a print ready file. Failing to follow this procedure may result in delays in the production time and additional fees for proofing & prepping samples for the production team.

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