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10 Benefits of using Synthetic Paper for Restaurant Menus

Folded Synthetic Restaurant Menu on Dinner Plate

First of all, what is Synthetic paper?

Synthetic Paper refers to a class of printable substrates that are manufactured from polymer-based resins, such as polypropylene or polyethylene. Developed as a more durable alternative to the cellulose-based paper made from trees, synthetic paper is quickly becoming the preferred substrate for a variety of applications.

One particular application where synthetic paper has seen tremendous growth is Menus for restaurants and bars. In fact, synthetic paper has been a real game-changer for printed menus. It has the appearance and print characteristics of a traditional high-quality paper. But, because it is a plastic-like material, it is far superior to wood-pulp paper in almost every way.

A plate of food sitting on several Printed Menus

Here are 10 Benefits of using Synthetic Paper for Printed Menus…

1. Completely Waterproof

Spills are a frequent occurrence at restaurants and bars. Whether its water, soda, coffee, juice, alcohol or some other liquid, there are always going to be spills, splashes, and splatters. Unlike traditional paper which readily absorbs moisture, synthetic paper is impervious to water and most other liquids.

2. Resistant to Rips and Tears

Due to the consistent molecular structure of synthetic paper, it is much stronger and more resilient than paper made from natural fibers. Hence, synthetic paper cannot be easily torn or ripped apart.

3. Will not Soak up Grease or Oils

Traditional paper will absorb greasy or oily substances and become permanently stained and unsightly. However, the slick plastic-like surface of synthetic paper is non-absorbent, so it resists penetrating stains from oil or grease.

4. Incredibly Durable

Menus are subject to repeated handling by servers and guests alike, so traditional paper menus can quickly become scuffed, dog-eared, and worn. However, the density and toughness of synthetic paper helps it withstand frequent handling and rough treatment.

5. Sleek, Non-Glare Appearance

Most synthetic papers have a bright white color and a matte finish. The bright white color provides an excellent base for printed inks. The matte finish minimizes glare and reflection, helping to ensure the printing on the menu is easy to read.

6. High-Quality Feel

Despite being a man-made, polymer-based substance, synthetic paper doesn't feel like plastic. Instead, it feels like thick, premium quality paper. Synthetic paper also offers high opacity and a pleasingly smooth texture.

7. Easy to Clean

Stained menus can reflect negatively on an otherwise pristine brand image. Fortunately, the washable surface of synthetic paper allows menus to be easily wiped or rinsed clean. Menus made from synthetic paper can also be disinfected regularly.

8. Excellent Print Quality

Synthetic paper isn't porous, so ink applications will not seep or spread. This maintains a high level of detail for the printed text and images. In turn, the improved sharpness enhances the appearance and readability of the menu's content.

9. Cost Effective

Because synthetic paper is much more durable than traditional paper, it increases the lifespan of the menu. Being able to maintain a professional appearance for a longer period of time means the menus won't have to be reordered as often.

10. Eco-Friendly

Synthetic paper does not use organic fibers or wood-pulp, so no trees are cut down to produce it. Also, because menus and other products made from synthetic paper last longer, they do not need to be replaced as often. In addition, synthetic paper is completely recyclable for use in new applications.

Synthetic Paper is the Perfect Choice for Restaurant and Bar Menus

If you would like to experience all the benefits of synthetic paper on your next order of printed menus, be sure get in touch with Color Vision Printing.

Whatever style of restaurant or bar menu you might need - flat, bi-folded, tri-folded, bound like a booklet or some other configuration - we can produce it using durable and long-lasting synthetic paper.

Just give us a call at 800-543-6299 if you have any questions or want to discuss an upcoming project. Or, if you already know your specifications and are looking for a price quote, simply fill out our easy Quote Request form and we will be happy to email a quote to you.

We hope to hear from you soon and look forward to assisting with your next custom menu project!

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