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An open 3-Ring Binder with colorful Index Tabs

Binders and Binder Sets

Binders are a Well-Established Binding Method

Binders, especially 3-ring binders, are a well-established binding method used by almost every business in one form or another. Ring binders are popular because they provide a very simple and effective way to bind together and store a collection of documents.

Pages inserted in a Ringed Binder

Binders allow Easy Content Updates

The primary advantage of ringed Binders is that pages can be added or removed quickly and easily just by opening and closing the rings. This feature makes a ring binder the perfect binding choice for information that needs to be changed or updated periodically.

Another benefit offered by a ring binder is its protective cover, which is rigid and slightly larger than the documents stored inside.

A business person holding an open Binder

Binders serve many purposes in the world of Business

Many businesses and organizations use Binders that are custom-printed. Having the company's name, logo, marketing slogan, or other brand-related information printed directly on the binder conveys a highly professional image.

Custom-printed binders are especially well-suited for sharing printed information during sales presentations, training seminars, and other important business meetings. Also, because the content can be updated so easily, custom binders are also good for operation and procedure manuals, price lists, product information, technical documentation, and troubleshooting guides.

Binders are Available in a Variety of Styles 

Which style to choose depends on the budget of the project as well as the binder's intended use. That said, below are three popular styles of custom binders used in the world of business.

We also offer Assembled Binder Sets

In addition to creating custom-printed binders for you, Color Vision can also print and assemble the interior pages, index tabs, and any other contents needed within the binder. Ordering your binder sets pre-assembled will save you the time and effort of having to compile all the components and build each set yourself. Also, we can ship your completed binder sets to a single location or we can ship them to multiple locations. We urge you to consider the savings in time, money, and effort by letting us create and pre-assemble your custom binder sets for you!

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