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A close-up of assorted Wire-O Bound Books

Wire-O Binding

Wire-O Binding adds a Stylish Look

Wire-O Binding offers a sleek and stylish method for creating a book. Also known as Double-Loop or Twin-Loop, the Wire-O binding system uses a pre-formed spine that is made of metal wire.

A red book with silver Wire-O Binding

This spine unit used for Wire-O Binding has a series of open wire loops formed into it. These open loops are inserted through holes punched in the book's cover and pages and then closed tighter to form a circle. This secures the book's cover and pages.

Similar in function to traditional Spiral Binding, the cover and pages can rotate freely around the wire loops. Also, books bound with the wire-o method can open cover-to-cover (360 degrees). Wire-O books also lie completely flat with no tension in the spine. So once the book is turned to a certain page, it stays put without having to hold the book open.

This "hands-free" feature makes wire-o binding a good choice for cookbooks, workbooks and study guides, bound sheet music, assembly and maintenance guides, repair manuals, flip books and presentation books, directories, training and instruction manuals, multi-page calendars, travel guides, and any other book that would benefit from the convenience of being able to lie flat for easier reference.

Wire-O spines come in several sizes to bind books of differing page counts. The wire loops also come in a range of painted finishes as well as popular metallic colors like silver, gold, or pewter.

The Wire-O Binding Process

An assortment of Wire-O Binding Spines

The binding elements start off wide open

Prior to binding the book, the wire-o loops on the metal spines are open wide. In this open position, each loop resembles the letter "C."

Pages punched with slots for Wire-O BInding

Holes are punched along one side

After the cover and pages of the book are printed, trimmed, and assembled into a stack, the stack is punched with holes along one side.

A person joining pages with a Wire-O Binding Spine

The holes receive the spine element

The open loop of the spine element is inserted through the punched holes.

A person using a Wire-O Binding machine

The spine is squeezed closed

The loops are then squeezed until they close to form a perfect circle.

A close-up of an open Wire-O Bound Book

The closed loops form a complete circle

The cover and pages are now securely bound.

What are the Benefits of Wire-O Binding?

Opens 360 degrees

WIre-O books are able to fold back upon themselves and also lie flat for hands-free reference.

Can Bind the Book on Any Edge

The left side is the most common placement, but books can be bound across the top so the pages flip upward.

Index Tabs

This binding style works well with index tabs

Any Production Run Size

Wire-O Binding can be used for short, medium, or long production runs.

Variety of Options

The spines are available in a variety of sizes and colors.

Sophisticated Appearance

The twin metal loops add sophistication to book projects

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