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Stacks of Books with Spiral Binding

Spiral Coil Binding

Spiral Binding uses a Flexible Coil 

Spiral Binding, also known as Coil Binding, is a practical binding method for a variety of book applications.

Blue book with white coil binding

The cover and pages of Spiral-Bound books are joined with a continuous spring-like coil. The coil is made of durable plastic that is also quite flexible. A series of holes are punched along one edge of the cover and pages through which the coil is wound. Once in place, the coil acts as the book's spine, allowing the cover and pages to turn easily.

Because the cover and pages rotate so freely around the coil, spiral-bound books can open a full 360 degrees. There is also no tension in the spine, which allows a spiral-bound book to lie completely flat. Once the book is turned to the desired page, it stays put without having to use the hands to hold it open.

This "hands-free" feature makes spiral binding an excellent choice for training and instruction manuals, cookbooks, workbooks and study guides, bound sheet music, assembly and maintenance guides, repair manuals, flip books and presentation books, directories, multi-page calendars, travel guides, and any other book that would benefit from the convenience of being able to lie flat for easier reference.

Spiral binding coils come in a range of sizes to accommodate various page counts. The coils also come in a variety of colors with black, white, and blue being the most popular color choices.

The Spiral Binding Process

Spiral Binding Coil

The binding coil resembles a spring

The spring-like coils used for spiral binding are made of plastic that is flexible yet durable.

Pages punched with holes for Spiral Binding

Holes are punched along one edge

To accommodate the binding coil, a series of small holes is punched along one edge of the cover and pages.

A person Binding a Book with a Spiral Coil

The coil is wound through the holes

A coil of the appropriate size and color is then inserted and wound through all of the holes to secure the cover and pages together.

A person holding a Coil Bound Book

The coil is crimped on both ends 

The coil is then crimped on both ends to keep it in place. The cover and pages are now securely bound yet can rotate freely around the coil.

What are the Benefits of Spiral Binding?

Can Open 360 degrees

Allows these books to fold back upon themselves and also lie flat for hands-free reference.

The Binding Coil Can Be Placed Along Any Edge

The left side is the most common placement but some books have the coil installed across the top so the pages flip upward.

Works Well With Index Tabs

This binding style works well with index tabs

Available For Short, Medium, or Long Production Runs

Variety of Sizes and Colors

Binding coils are available in a variety of diameters and colors.

Flexible and Durable

Plastic coils are flexible and resist distortion.

Plastic Coils are Waterproof

Spiral Coil binding is the best option for water-resistant books.

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