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Reference Sheets

Why Laminate Reference Sheets?

Increase Longevity

The laminate will protect the sheet from dirt, moisture and tears and extends the life of these frequently-handled documents. A laminate coating is particularly beneficial for reference sheets used in environments that are dirty, damp, oily or greasy. Any printed sheet intended for use outdoors is another good candidate for lamination.

Reinforce the Substrate 

A laminate coating is also recommended for any reference sheets that are suspended from a hook, ring, or chain, such as instructions or procedures kept near machinery or equipment. Because the laminate adds a layer of thickness, it reinforces the area around any hole drilled in the sheet and keeps the hole from tearing loose. Metal eyelets can also be added to further reinforce the hole.

Add Sheen and Protection

Laminates are available in various sheen levels and thicknesses. The laminate can be applied with a sealed edge that overhangs the printed sheet slightly, or it can be cut flush with the edge of the sheet. The sealed-edge option is recommended for reference sheets and other frequently used documents because it completely encases the document in plastic. This prevents any contaminants from seeping into the perimeter edge of the paper substrate.

Create Durable Sheet Sets

Reference sheets can be individual sheets or they can be joined into sets. Sheet sets can be bound with various methods, such as metal rings or beaded chains installed through a hole drilled in the sheets. Reference sheets can also be bound into booklet form using the spiral or wire-o binding methods.

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