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Comic Book Printing: Is there a Standard Comic Book Size?

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You may be surprised to learn that there is no absolute standard size for modern Comic Books. Though the traditional comic book size of 6.625" wide x 10.25" high is still popular, many of today's comic books are created in a variety of sizes.

There's been a growing trend away from "Standards" and toward Differentiation

Because there is no absolute standard for the dimensions of comic books , independent comic book creators are free to choose any size they want. This is exactly what has been happening in recent years as creators explore different sizes in an effort to make their comic books unique.

As long as the printer you choose allows total customization, you are free to experiment with non-traditional sizes and formats.

What would generate the most intrigue and make your comic book stand out? An oversized book? An undersized book? A square book? Your comic book dimensions are completely up to you.

The only sizing constraint might be if the comic books are planned to be part of a series. In that case, the size should remain the same throughout the series. The books could still be a unique size, but once the size is determined it should remain consistent for the entire series.

A sampling of Comic Books

Color Vision Printing has an excellent reputation for providing quality comic book printing at affordable prices. So whether you are looking for a short, medium, or long production run, we have the production capabilities and expertise to bring your creative ideas to life.

As a custom printer, we can produce your comic books in virtually any size, format, or color scheme. We also have a variety of finishing options, including laminates that can add a metallized or holographic finish to the cover of your comic books.

Give Color Vision a call at 800-543-6299 to discuss your comic book project. Or, if you know your specs and would like a quote, click here to submit our Quote Request form. We look forward to hearing from you and hope to assist with your next comic book printing!

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