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The Benefits of PUR Binding

an example of flexible PUR binding

First of all, what is PUR Binding?

PUR Binding is a variant of the popular perfect binding method used to create softcover books. Like traditional perfect binding, the book's cover and pages are glued together at the spine and then the three open edges of the book are crisply trimmed to give them "perfect" edges. This results in a clean and compact book that has a very professional appearance.

Though traditional perfect binding and PUR binding share the same basic manufacturing process and finished look, the difference lies in the type of adhesive used to bind the cover and pages together. Traditional perfect binding uses an adhesive known as Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), whereas PUR book binding uses a superior adhesive called Polyurethane Reactive (PUR).

So what are the Benefits of PUR Binding over traditional EVA Binding?

Superior Adhesion - Unlike EVA, PUR glue will strongly adhere to virtually any type of substrate. This includes heavier cardstocks, recycled papers, and synthetics. Also, a glossy stock can cause issues when binding with EVA, but PUR glue adheres well to glossy stocks, including those coated with varnish, UV, laminates, or Mylar.

Pull-Out Resistance - Compared to EVA, PUR glue binding offers up to 60% more resistance to pages being pulled out. This is particularly important for books that might see rigorous handling, such as children's books or those used in rugged environments.

Extreme Flexibility - If you were to press down firmly on the spine area of an open book bound with EVA adhesive, the spine would likely fracture. However, a PUR bound book will maintain its flexibility and structural integrity even when the book is opened wide or pressed down.

Resistance to Temperature Extremes - In a cold environment, the spine of an EVA bound book might crack. In a hot environment, the pages of an EVA bound book might come loose. However, a PUR bound book remains functional and intact whether the temperature is well below zero or 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cleaner Appearance - both EVA and PUR are hot melt adhesives that become solid at room temperature, but the superior binding strength of PUR allows less glue to be used. This helps maintain a square spine and reduces the amount of cured glue that is visible after the books have been trimmed.

person holding a book

Many printers in the industry use EVA glue for bookbinding. However, because the performance of PUR bound books is vastly superior to that of EVA bound books, Color Vision does not use EVA glue. When producing adhesive-bound books, Color Vision uses PUR exclusively.

If you are interested in the benefits PUR binding can bring to your next softcover book project, give us a call at 800-543-6299 to discuss.

Or, if you already know your project's specifications and would like a quote, simply click here to submit a quote request. We look forward to becoming your print partner!

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