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The Practical Advantages of Spiral Bound Book Printing

Four Spiral Bound books in a stack

Spiral Bound Book Printing

Spiral Binding is a popular and time-tested bookbinding method. Because it utilizes a spring-like coil, the Spiral Binding technique is also commonly known as Coil Binding.

The binding coil, usually made of PVC plastic, is threaded through a series of holes that have been punched along one edge of the book's cover and pages. Both ends of the coil are then crimped to prevent it from unwinding.

Acting as the book's spine, the coil joins the book together as a unit but still allows the cover and pages to turn freely. Though the spiral binding process is relatively simple, it creates a securely bound and professional-looking document.

The Advantages of Spiral Bound Book Printing

Spiral binding offers several unique benefits, making it the preferred choice for a variety of book and booklet projects. Below is a summary of the practical advantages that Spiral Binding provides…

Spiral Bound books can open fully and lie flat

Because the cover and pages can rotate freely around the binding coil, the book can open fully with no resistance whatsoever. This allows the book to lie perfectly flat when viewing two opposing pages (as seen in Image A). The book will also lie completely flat when folded all the way back upon itself to only view one page at a time (as seen in image B).

Being able to rotate the pages a full 360 degrees makes the book easier to handle and also allows the book to take up minimal room when placed on a desk or table. This is a nice feature for a variety of applications, such as workbooks used in a classroom setting or for printed presentations at a conference or seminar where table space is limited.

An open Spiral Bound Book lying on a table
Image A: a Spiral Bound book can lie completely flat and stay open by itself without the need to hold it open

The pages stay put without having to be held in place

Because spiral binding does not have any tension in the spine and the pages can freely rotate, once the book is turned to a particular page, that page stays put without having to be held in place. As such, spiral bound books are very user friendly, particularly for books that need to be referenced while the hands are busy performing other tasks.

This hands-free feature makes spiral binding an excellent choice for recipe books, repair manuals, coloring books, activity books, workbooks, training manuals, field guides, and any other application that would benefit from not having to continually hold the book open in order to reference the contents.

Spiral Binding fits a wide range of page counts

The coils used for spiral binding are available in diameters ranging from 1/4" to 2". Hence, the spiral binding method can join as few as 4 pages (2 sheets of paper) all the way up to a block of pages measuring 1.75" in thickness. This wide range will accommodate the majority of book projects.

The binding coil can be placed along any edge

The vast majority of printed books are bound along the left edge. That said, spiral binding also works well when bound across the top edge. This allows the pages to be flipped upward and then rotated backward. This is a convenient configuration for certain types of workbooks and notebooks.

Installing the binding coil along the top edge is also a handy feature for pocket-sized books, such as field guides or reference materials designed to be kept in a shirt pocket. Having the binding coil along the top makes it easier to move the book into and out of a pocket.

The plastic binding coils are durable and flexible

Unlike wire coils, which can become permanently bent or distorted when subject to force or pressure, coils made from PVC plastic are very flexible and resilient. As a result, books bound with plastic binding coils can withstand rough handling. Because the binding coils are so durable, spiral bound books can even endure the rigors of being sent through the mail.

PVC is also abrasion resistant, so the binding coils are able to maintain a pristine appearance for years.

A Spiral Bound book folded back on itself to view a single page
Image B: a Spiral Bound book can fold back upon itself. This allows a single page to be viewed while saving space on a desk or table.

The plastic binding coils are completely waterproof

The PVC plastic coils used for spiral binding are 100% waterproof. When combined with pages printed on synthetic paper or pages that have a sealed-edge laminate applied, spiral binding is the perfect choice for books and booklets that will be used in wet or damp environments.

For example, spiral binding is ideal for books intended for use out of doors, or in conditions where splashes and spills are prevalent, such as bound restaurant menus. Using a plastic binding spine, in conjunction with synthetic or laminated pages, is really the only way to create a book that is completely waterproof.

The Spiral Binding method works well with Index Tabs

Index Tabs help organize the sections of a book. Printed with brief descriptions, the tabs divide the content into manageable parts and help the user quickly locate the information they are seeking.

Spiral Binding works well with index tabs because both the pages and tabbed dividers rotate so easily around the coil spine. This allows the user to effortlessly open the book to the exact section they need to reference.

Types of spiral bound books that often incorporate index tabs include manuals, handbooks, bound price lists, and directories. Also, self-standing easel-style flipbooks, such as those used for sales presentations, frequently combine spiral binding with index tabs in order to locate specific pages swiftly and easily.

Are you looking for affordable Spiral Bound Book Printing?

Spiral Binding is a versatile and reliable binding method that offers numerous advantages. If you have any questions or want to learn more about this binding style, give Color Vision Printing a call at 800-543-6299.

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