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Custom Printed Table Tents: Simple yet Effective Marketing

A printed Table Tent sitting on a restaurant table

What are Table Tents?

Table Tents are small, self-standing signs used to display promotional and informational messages. Fashioned from folded cardstock, Table Tents are sometimes known as Table Tent Cards or simply Tent Cards.

They are called "Tents" because they have a peaked center and two sloping sides, thus resembling the triangular shape of a classic pup tent. A flat base allows them to stand upright on a table, counter, desk, or other horizontal surface.

A table tent is almost always printed on both of its sloped sides. The printed message can be the same on both sides so that it can be seen from either direction. Or, different messages can be printed on each side. For maximum impact, table tents are almost always printed with full color graphics.

A promotional Table Tent sitting on a table in a restaurant
Restaurants and bars use custom printed Table Tents to promote various specials, events, and menu items

Table Tents are a Popular Marketing Method

Simple yet effective, table tents are a time-tested marketing tool. Used to increase brand visibility and draw the attention of potential customers, table tents are strategically placed in locations where people regularly pass by or congregate.

Restaurants and bars are major users of table tents, placing them on the tables where patrons sit to eat or drink. Table tents are also frequently displayed on retail counters and service desks. Showrooms, lobbies, hotel rooms, and conference tables are other common places where table tents are effective.

Below are 7 Benefits of Table Tents...

1. Table Tents are Extremely Versatile

Table tents can be printed with any message you wish to convey. For example, table tents are a popular way to introduce new products and services, or announce special offers and upcoming events. Restaurants often use table tents to display dessert or drink menus. In addition to providing promotional messages, table tents can display general information, such as a brief history of the company or its operating hours. Table tents can also be used to provide guidance, such as how to download the company's app or join the rewards program.

2. Table Tents Increase Brand Exposure

Table tents can prominently display a business's name, slogan, and/or logo, along with its promotional or informational message, thus increasing brand awareness among customers. Table tents can also be printed with interactive features, such as QR codes. These encourage further engagement with a brand by directing the user to a webpage or a social media profile like Facebook.

3. Table Tents are Budget Friendly

Table tents are an affordable option for businesses of all sizes. Made of printed cardstock, table tents are inexpensive to produce and readily available. Compared to other marketing materials, table tents are one of the most cost-effective options for reaching your intended audience.

Three Table Tents on a table, each promoting a different dessert
Promotional Table Tents are printed with colorful graphics to capture attention and encourage a positive response

4. Table Tents Can Provide Targeted Messages

Table tents can be used to target specific customer segments. For example, a bank might place different table tents near its teller stations than it does on the desks of employees who sell investment services. Likewise, a restaurant might use different table tents for its breakfast crowd than it does for its dinner service.

5. Table Tents Capture Attention

One of the main goals of marketing is to grab attention and build awareness. Because table tents are fabricated to be free-standing units, their upright posture ensures they get noticed. By catching the eyes of potential customers, table tents act as silent salespeople, encouraging a positive interaction in a subtle yet impactful way. Also, since table tents are lightweight and portable, it is easy to swap them around to different placement locations to see which generates the best response.

6. Table Tents are Simple and Concise

The construction of a table tent is very straightforward. In addition to its base, there are two printed panels - one on each side - where information can be displayed. Since there is no cover to open or pages to turn, the printed message can be seen immediately. The simple format of a table tent is actually a giant plus, because it requires the visual presentation to be clear and focused.

An example of a hotel room Table Tent offering toiletry items
Though most are used for promotional purposes, Table Tents can also be used to share informational messages

7. Table Tents Drive Sales

Since customers will typically only see the table tents of a business during an actual visit, it is the perfect opportunity to spark a spontaneous buying decision. After all, the customer is already in the place of business. There is no better time to upsell or introduce something new.

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