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Printing Terminology: Simplex vs Duplex Printing

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What is Simplex Printing?

Simplex Printing refers to the process of printing text and/or images on only one side of a paper sheet or other substrate.

Also known as single-sided printing or 1-sided printing, simplex printing is a very common option for many print projects.

For example, posters and charts that are designed to be hung on a wall are usually printed on one side only. Book covers, counter mats, and some flyers are often printed on one side as well.

What is Duplex Printing?

Duplex Printing refers to the process of printing text and/or images on both sides of a paper sheet or other substrate.

Duplex printing is also known as double-sided printing, 2-sided printing, or back-to-back printing. Like simplex printing, duplex printing is used for a multitude of print projects.

Brochures, catalogs, menus, calendars and the pages of books are all examples of print projects that are commonly printed on both sides.

Auto Duplex Printing vs Manual Duplex Printing

Some commercial printing presses can create duplex printing in a single pass through the press. Being able to print a document on both sides during one press cycle is known as automated duplex printing or auto duplex printing.

Manual duplex printing is another way to create two-sided documents. Manual duplex printing is accomplished by using a simplex printing press. Unlike auto duplex printing, this procedure requires two passes through the press - one pass for each side. Needless to say, this method requires some manual intervention.

After the first side has been printed, the sheets are flipped over and fed back through the press to print the second side. The end result is the same, but manual duplex printing incorporates a manual step instead of being fully automated.

Whether your project requires single-sided printing or double-sided printing, Color Vision is always ready to assist. Just give us a call at 800-543-6299 or submit our simple Quote Request form. We've been producing quality printing since 1984 and look forward to helping with your next print project!

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