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What is Print Collateral?

A stack of printed brochures exiting the folding machine

What does "Print Collateral" mean?

Print Collateral is a blanket term that refers to any or all of the various printed materials an organization might use to build brand awareness, promote their products and services, and/or assist with their sales efforts. Print collateral can take many forms, with brochures, flyers, postcards, and catalogs being some of the more common examples.

Unlike digital marketing collateral, such as social media posts and banner ads, print collateral provides a physical representation of a company's brand and offerings. Because print collateral exists in a physical form, it can be held in one's hands and interacted with. As such, it creates a more lasting impression than a digital message that merely appears as pixels on a screen.

Two printed brochures - one opened flat and one folded

Print Collateral: a time-tested Marketing Tool

Print collateral plays an important role in the marketing strategies of many businesses. This is because printed Marketing Collateral offers a proven and dependable way for a business or organization to engage with its intended audience. It provides the perfect vehicle to build awareness, nurture relationships, and generate leads through the use of informative and persuasive content.

As mentioned, printed marketing collateral can take many forms, each with its own special purpose. For example, Catalogs provide in-depth information about a company and its products. Posters attract attention in high-traffic areas with bold but concise messages. Direct Mail Postcards deliver promotional offers right to the doorsteps of consumers.

Each piece of marketing collateral is uniquely designed to stimulate consumer engagement and lead to the all-important next step - making a sale.

Print Collateral: a necessary part of the Selling Process

Once the marketing collateral has captured a potential sales opportunity, the use of printed Sales Collateral takes center stage. Sales collateral refers to the materials the sales team will use to assist with the selling process and facilitate the closing of deals. Just like marketing collateral, printed sales collateral can take many forms.

For example, a well-designed Business Card projects an air of professionalism and displays multiple methods of contact for the salesperson. A high-quality Presentation Folder provides prospects with an impressive and convenient way to store brochures, proposals, and other pertinent documents. Sell Sheets enhance a sales pitch by displaying product beauty shots, informative diagrams, case studies, technical data, and other details that reinforce the sales effort.

A salesman showing a brochure to a client

Whether used for marketing or sales support, effective print collateral requires a thoughtful design, a compelling offer, and a clear call to action.

Also, the color scheme, typography style, and imagery play a crucial role in creating visually appealing materials that closely align with the brand's identity and objectives.

Color Vision can assist with all your Print Collateral needs!

If you are looking for custom-printed pieces to assist with your sales and marketing efforts, be sure to get in touch with Color Vision Printing. We can help with just about any type of print collateral you may need, such as…

  • Brochures, Flyers, Posters, and Catalogs
  • Price Lists and Product Data Sheets
  • Door Hangers, Table Tents, and Rack Cards
  • Postcards, Mailers, and Newsletters
  • Flip Books (Table Top Presentation Books)
  • Presentation Folders and Sell Sheets
  • Business Cards, Thank You Cards, and Letterhead
  • Branded Giveaways such as Calendars, Notepads, or Bookmarks

Over the past four decades, Color Vision has developed a strong reputation in the printing industry by offering quality printing at affordable prices. Because we offer both offset and digital printing services, we can assist with short, medium, and long run projects.

If you have an upcoming print project and would like a quote, just fill out our easy Quote Request form to send us your specifications. Or, if you prefer to discuss your project by phone, we can be reached at 800-543-6299.

As always, we look forward to assisting with your next print project!

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